Welcome Commander

Welcome To The Last Bastion of Mankind

Leave no quadrant untouched as you spin 360 degrees in search of would-be destroyers

Command and level up a huge variety of units and gargantuan weapons as you hone your tactical skills

Seize the initiative from your enemies and decimate their ranks as a robust cast of characters lend their support to the cause



Admiral Neumann

Headquarter Admiral

A strict but kind commander. His perseverance escalated him up the ranks.


Deputy Commander

The reliable and calm second in command always acts in a professional manner.


Deputy Commander

Kind oldest sister figure to the younger operators. She fears she might never have a husband.


Deputy Commander

The cool-headed model student, she takes pride in everything she does.

Doctor Chandra

Research & Development

The renowned "ACE Chandra" is incredibly passionate about her position - when she can prize herself away from the shopping channel.


Intelligence Operator

This energetic and emotional operator recently landed her dream job in intelligence.


Firearms Operator

A noisy gadget-freak who doesn't care for the details.


Firearms Operator

An outgoing but slightly dim prankster, she nevertheless always gives her all.


Firearms Operator

This clear-minded straightforward operator always has smiles on her face.


Intelligence Operator

This operator always gets to the point with her objective thinking and doesn't tolerate idiots.


Intelligence Operator

A popular ladies man, he never takes things seriously.


Power Operator

A polite and sisterly character, she always knows the right things to say in any situation.


Power Operator

An annoyingly positive operator, she collects rubbish to create accessories which she forces upon colleagues.


Power Operator

As the best student in his class she was taken on as intern, making his the youngest operator in the team.


Special Operations

An intern alongside Turing, she strives to be as professional as her older colleagues. She never stops thinking about new strategies.


Special Operations

A wild and highly tense character who is feared by the other operators. After her father's death she took it upon herself to care for her mother.


Special Operations

Behind the macho, tattooed exterior lies a reliable and kind person. After his wife went missing, he became the sole carer of his daughter.


General Affairs Operator

An easygoing, kind and pretty individual. She always takes pride in her work though she often clashes with Doctor Chandra.


General Affairs Operator

A calm and efficient person, she became an operator to follow her friend Ashlee.


General Affairs Operator

A timid and negative thinker but with a bright personality. He easily gives up when he feels threatened, hence nicknamed "Turn-Tail Tarkov".

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